USA Chat Rooms Community Standards

We're an easygoing bunch, and we want people from all sorts of backgrounds to feel totally welcome in our Free USA Chat Rooms.

As a lighthearted American chat room site, and not a government organisation, we are really laid back and have very few rules.

So here are the things you can't do here:


Come on guys, it's 2019. It's OK to be gay. We are very welcoming of the LGBTQI+ community, and we even have chat rooms for them. There's no place in our USA Chat Rooms for homophobia, and people making negative comments towards people of that inclination, will be blocked from the chatrooms.


Again, we don't live in the dark ages, and people are people, regardless of the colour of their skin, origin or heritage. Anyone in our Free USA Chat rooms found to be making racially unacceptable comments risks being banned.

Religious Discrimination

There are many different religions, and the bottom line is we all live in a civilised society and should respect that others are allowed to have their beliefs, even if you don't agree with them. Any racial discrimination in these American chat rooms will result in the perpetrator being removed.

Abuse / Victimisation / Discriminating

Having a go at other chatters, calling them names or not leaving them alone, isn't something you can do in here. We promote our USA Chat rooms as a friendly and safe place to be, so we're quick to stamp out any behaviour like this. That's not to be confused with light hearted banter though, which is something we actively encourage our chatroom users to give and take!

General Disagreements

Because we live in a diverse society, and people in our USA Chat rooms are from so many different backgrounds and heritages, it's only normal that people won't always agree. When this happens, just accept that you might have to agree to disagree, and move on! It's normal for people to disagree, just don't let that lead on to being rude and offensive in the American Chat Rooms.


The site is 18+ and you can talk about drugs in our chat rooms, including their effects and pros and cons. The only thing we can't do, is let you use our USA Chat Rooms to discuss or facilitate the supply or procurement of drugs. Anyone found doing this will be banned.


We do not allow bots, or botnets, whether friendly or otherwise, to join our USA Chat Rooms. People only! If you have a website you want to share, that's fine, as long as it's clean and legal, but we don't allow anyone to post links to anything sexually graphic, or links to any other chat or social community sites.

Swearing and forbidden words

Swearing is fine in our chat rooms, as we are all adults and we've all heard if before. We do however ask that you don't use the "C" word, or any racially offensive slang.

Sexual behaviour and grooming

Any users of our USA Chat rooms found to be behaving in a predatory way (even towards adults) risks removal from the site.

Underage Users

In order to enter our USA Chat Rooms you have to confirm that you are 18 or over. Likewise with registering on our site, you cannot join our Social Community unless you provide a date of birth which means you're over 18. With that said, we know that some people may lie, and there's little we can do to stop that, other than asking our chatroom hosts to be vigilant (we can see the signs). If we think anyone is using our chat rooms under the age of 18, we reserve the right to remove them, without any explanation or right to appeal.

If you come across someone in our USA Chatrooms who you think is underage, for whatever reason, eg, they tell you, or their style of typing suggests it is the case, please report this to a chatroom host.

If we believe someone knows / believes a chatter is underage, and carries on having a conversation with them, that person will almost certainly be banned from chat.

Misrepresentation of yourself

In this day of age everyone has a right to choose who and what they want to be, and we are understanding of gender fluidness. We respect this as much as possible, but just be aware that if we think someone in our USA chat rooms is posing as someone / something they are not, for some shady reason, we might well remove you.

Privacy and personal Info:

Never, ever share personal details of a chatter, be that name, email, phone, etc, with any other user, without prior consent. Anyone leaking personal information will be banned on sight.


Through the nature of USA Chat rooms sometimes people may join and claim poverty, and ask for money or loans. Never ever give out any bank details to anyone, or send any money. We accept no responsibility if you do.