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Top Chatroom Tips

  • Be Cautious. Although we try our best to provide safe USA and Pennsylvania chat rooms, we can't guarantee people are who they claim to be.
  • Never meet anyone in person, after chatting to them online.
  • Never post any personal details such as numbers or email addresses.
  • If you like someone you're chatting to, search their profile and check out their photos!
  • If someone in the Pennsylvania chat room annoys you, don't argue back, just click their nickname, and choose "block".
  • Don't click on any suspicions links posted on the website, or chat rooms.
  • Never give anyone your password
  • If you're new, make an effort to talk in the rooms rather than sending private messages.
  • Don't give anyone else your password!
  • Don't send intimate or sex photos to strangers.

What will get you banned?

  • Racism, homophobia, any hate speech
  • Discussions around the supply of drugs or illegal subjects
  • Spamming links to competitor websites
  • If we suspect you are under the age of 18
  • Repeatedly ignoring requests not to use bad language
  • Flooding the USA chat rooms with mass amounts of text
  • Making unsolicited sexual requests to strangers.
And finally....
The golden rule: get involved! Our Pennsylvania USA Chat Rooms are friendly and welcoming, but the worst thing you can do if you're new, is just sit in the rooms and wait for people to talk. When you come inside our busy and free USA chat rooms, get stuck in, make conversations! There will always be something to talk about, whatever the time of day or night. You're bound to meet people online from all walks of life. When it's really busy, you might feel a little overwhelmed at first, but stick with it - you'll soon become part of the Pennsylvania Chat Room furnature! If at any point you have any questions while in our USA Chatrooms, please just speak to one of the moderators, who are usually around, or join the help channel.

Top Tip - to join other rooms, once you're in the chat, just click on the "rooms list" on the top left of the page.

Why no under 18s?

USChatters Pennsylvania Rooms are dedicated to keeping the people who enjoy our service, as safe as we possibly can. We are particularly aware of the need to keep children safe online. Unfortunately, through their nature, online chat rooms can be used and taken advantage of by people who don't share our opinions on this subject. We want to make sure that predatory people do not enter our chat rooms, and we feel the best way to achieve that, is to make sure there are no minors in them at all, keeping Pennsylvania as safe as possible.